QuattrCapital is an international company with headquarters in Cyprus. Founded by Israeli entrepreneurs in 2019, is acts as a venture fund and a B2B firm able to provide businesses with financing as well as comprehensive marketing and tech assistance.


Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance

Cooperation development platform

Turnkey business concept, Strategic marketing


Restaurant business software

Restaurant business automation from scratch

Turnkey, HoReCa, IT


Hummus production

Brand development to market promotion

Brand concept, Market promotion, HoReCa

Development, Marketing

One-stop-shop for everything crypto

One-stop-shop for everything crypto

IT, Media, Information


Soccer tips and predictions platform

Marketing strategy development and implementation


Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance

Common platform for the development of Israeli-Ukrainian cooperation


Israeli-Ukrainian relations have a long history and a huge potential. However, to reach it, they lacked the coordination that a flexible private structure free of state bureaucracy could provide. QuattrCapital decided to remedy the situation.


In 2019, QuattrCapital supported one of the fastest-growing Israeli-Ukrainian organizations to help it become a powerful driver of cooperation between the two countries. To do this, we provided it with the necessary resources and comprehensive marketing support.

The formation of organization was happening in several directions at once. Together with strengthening connections in diplomatic and business circles, we launched a communication campaign that told Ukrainian and Israeli entrepreneurs about the cooperation prospects and benefits. Publications in social media, as well as in the leading publications of both countries talked about the origins of Ukrainian-Israeli friendship, as well as numerous joint projects in various fields.

At the same time, we held a series of events establishing contacts between government representatives, non-profit institutions, private and corporate organizations in both countries, where we spoke about our plans and activities.

The events held by the organization with QuattrCapital’s support include:

  • A trade mission to Israel for Ukrainian companies from the furniture and IT sectors;
  • Ukrainian Entrepreneur Forum in Tel Aviv;
  • Online conference on outsourcing opportunities in Ukraine for Israeli med-tech companies;
  • Presentation of a medical project that allows Ukrainian patients to receive remote consultations in the best Israeli clinics;
  • A strategy session dedicated to joining the efforts of Ukraine and Israel in counteracting the second wave of COVID-19.

Regular events, as well as systematic communication support contributed to the rapid growth and strengthening of the platform. Today, it has become an important link in Israeli-Ukrainian relations. The organization cooperates with governmental and non-profit structures on both sides of the border, as well as provides consulting services to Ukrainian and Israeli businesses.

The main activities of the organization are:

  • Social diplomacy — assistance in implementing grant and CSR projects, cultural and educational initiatives.
  • Business diplomacy — development of business ties between the two countries, organization of B2B tours and industry conferences.
  • Business partnership — promotion of Israeli companies on Ukrainian market and vice versa; consultancy services for business.
Restaurant business software

Flexible management system for restaurants


With the start of pandemic and the ensuing wave of quarantines, restaurants had to adapt on the fly: focus on deliveries, rearrange logistics, redistribute personnel, introduce electronic menus. The situation was further complicated by the fact that the majority of Ukrainian HoReCa establishments used a fragmented set of IT solutions. Responding to the market's needs, QuattrCapital’s team decided to create a unified software package, capable of replacing a dozen other products and helping the restaurants function effectively in post-COVID conditions.


The developers at QuattrCapital created a multifunctional solution that covers the needs of all participants in the restaurant business, from owners and visitors to waiters and couriers. It is important to emphasize that all data circulates within a single ecosystem, and the exit point of one software product is the entry point of another.

Currently, our solution consists of three main modules:

  • Back-office for restaurant management. This unit automates the full management cycle: menu creation and editing, vendor management, inventory accounting and replenishment, restaurant chain management, delivery service management.
  • Customer application. Here, customers can pick a restaurant, form an order, choose delivery option and pay for it.
  • Courier application. With its help, couriers can register their order, report on the execution of the order, receive feedback and view relevant statistics.
Hummus production

Launching new hummus brand from scratch: ideation, production, and marketing


Hummus is a newfound love for many Ukrainians. Several years ago, it could only be found in the few healthy food shops and restaurants, but now this oriental snack is sold by all major chains and even corner shops. There is a lot of hummus around, but it is yet to become a truly popular product. Why? Because of a simple contradiction: locally produced hummuses rarely offer quality and taste that meet high standards of true connoisseurs, while imported produce is often far too expensive for the mass consumer. Sounds like an opportunity, doesn’t it?


We thought it was the right time to introduce Ukrainians to real Israeli hummus. Just like the one you can taste in Tel Aviv: made according to traditional recipes, magnificently creamy and with a bright nutty flavor. Together with hummus, we also decided to produce other Levantine cuisine’s staples like tahini, falafel, and pita bread.

While still working out the best recipe and setting up the production line, we had been actively researching the market and studying our prospective consumers. As a result, we identified several audiences to cater to:

  • 1) Connoisseurs — Expats from Israel and other Eastern countries who know perfectly well what real hummus should taste and feel like;
  • 2) Mass consumers — Hummus lovers who care about affordability as much as taste;
  • 3) HoReCa — Restaurants and cafes who want to diversify their menus with oriental dishes.

For each of our target audiences we created three separate brands and product lines:

  • 1) Authentic oriental products “for those who know”, i.e., hummus, falafel and pita made according to the classic recipe;
  • 2) Mass-market hummus brand with exciting new flavors and combinations like hummus with paprika or cherries;
  • 3) B2B brand with large packages of traditional hummus, tahini, pitas, and premade falafel mix.

All three brands had their three different marketing strategies. For each, we developed unique naming, identity and packaging, created websites and social media, conducted focus groups and tastings, and eventually launched promotional campaigns.

Our hummus became an anticipated product even before the production started, so the sales start announcement had immediately brought us a huge stream of buying customers. Today, we are working on expanding our production and distribution network, as well as launching a catering outfit serving real Israeli food during food festivals and large events all over Ukraine.

Cryptocurrency web portal

Web portal for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies


In 2017, cryptocurrencies have finally made it to the mass media. Just a few months ago, they were discussed by a bunch of enthusiasts, but now, along with the explosive growth of bitcoin, the whole world started talking about them. Some talked about first crypto millionaires, some tried to replicate their achievement, some predicted cryptocurrencies' inevitable collapse, and some were simply excited to watch the crypto story unfold. One thing was for sure, however: there hasn’t been a single person completely indifferent to this sphere. At the same time, despite the mass enthusiasm, there were very few resources that would talk about cryptocurrencies professionally. When it came to the Russian-speaking web, there were none.


That’s when we got an idea to create a large online resource for those who, like our team, were excited by cryptocurrency. We understood that our audience would be very diverse, so we built the resource in such a way that every crypto enthusiast could find something for themselves.

Thus, our website got a section with analytics and relevant news, a block with educational materials for beginner investors, as well as a forum, where anyone could discuss their topics of interest or get an answer to their question from the ever-growing community.

To motivate people to be more proactive in forum discussions and contribute to the community, we developed a token-based bounty program. With it, users got tokens for publishing their own articles, analysis or answers to forum questions. The better their publications were received by the community, the higher was the number of tokens they received. What is more, every token they got could then be exchanged for real cryptocurrency on the portal’s internal exchange.

After a year of portal’s successful operation, we conducted a complete redesign based on user requests, as well as in-depth UX/UI research. At the same time, we set up an internal studio and started shooting our own video digests in Russian and English discussing the major news from the crypto world.

Soccer tips and predictions platform

Marketing support for the soccer tips and predictions platform


In 2019, we were approached by an entrepreneur who developed a technology for analyzing and predicting the results of soccer matches in the world's major leagues. His team had spent over 6 years building a system that used machine learning and made predictions that were correct 80% of the time, which made it way better than any similar solutions. We helped the startup turn a promising project into a finished product — an online platform with betting tips and predictions.


We knew that the system was guaranteed to resonate with everyone engaged in sports betting. Therefore, all we had to do was to pack it up in a convenient and easy-to-use form.

The project is based on the extremely complex algorithms. However, instead of forcing users to figure out how they work, we offered them several ready-made solutions, i.e., paid predictions with a one-time purchase option, as well as several regular subscription options.

This approach made using the system easier and increased the trust of users, since they could test the service and make sure that predictions really work before buying a subscription.

Simultaneously with the launch of the service, we built a sales funnel and launched a multi-channel promotional campaign, appearing on major social networks and large betting portals, as well as engaging influencers to spread the word around the wider sports community. Interested users were further engaged using targeted e-mails and remarketing in Google Ads.

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